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They look alike, sound alike and have maintained the same initials despite marriage, but Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley said the upcoming season of their reality show will prove how different they are.

“I think in season 3, my sister and I, we focus on our differences,” Tia told the Hallmark Channel. “We are very different.”

While viewers are used to seeing the sisters get along with rarely any serious conflict, the twins said things get intense this season.

“We have our biggest disagreement ever—I think even in our life—on TV,” admitted Tamera who said she’s “nervous” about what will actually air.

Serious arguments are so rare between them that it took Tia and Tamera a while to realize that they were engaged in something other than their usual sisterly squabbles.

“We didn’t even know that it was a disagreement until it happened,” said Tia.

Although there was some tension, the sisters assured fans that they’ve gotten past the drama.

“We’re fine. We love each other,” said Tamera.

The ladies have shared many of the same experiences, from having the same parents to working the same TV jobs at times, but the twins said they’ve each grown up with different perspectives and preferences.

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