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Some  of you are familiar with the ” The Itis” you get from eating too many Krispy Kreme Donutburgers  (see the BoonDocks for full description). Today I will introduce you to another “Itis” which is a silent killer. You see, “Itis”  is at the end of many disease related words, arthritis, myocarditis, inflammation of the heart, nephritis, inflammation of the kidneys, colitis, inflammation of the large intestines to name a few. “Itis” means inflammation and inflammation is the root of  so many diseases. When we look at the symptoms of inflammation it appears we all are inflamed: body aches and pains, congestion, diarrhea, dry eyes, indigestions, weight gain, stiffness, skin outbreaks and shortness of breath.

There are different types of inflammation, we will focus on chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is defined as a low grade ongoing or recurrent condition,  that occurs when the immune system perceives itself under attack. I mentioned how inflammation symptoms are so general, the causes of the inflammation are just as general: stress, unbalanced diet, nutrient deficiencies, inactive lifestyle and toxins. Basically, our bodies are constantly being attacked, we never have time to completely recover, inflammation sets in and this can lead to seemingly any disease.

Ok, I presented you with the problem, now here’s the solution, which isn’t that difficult if you commit. Once again you must decide if you want the best for yourself and your family.

  1. You guessed it, eat fruits and vegetables (whole foods).
  2. Eliminate the processed foods.
  3. Avoid sensitive foods (dairy products, soy and nuts)
  4. Take a high quality multivitamin/mineral complex
  5. Lead an active lifestyle.
  6. Get plenty of rest

To learn more about ways  to prevent inflammation click here.

I hope everyone sees the picture I’m trying to paint. Our health is being attacked in every aspect of our lives. We get beat down physically and more important mentally, we develop bad habits and disease and sickness eventually kicks in  (which is by design if you know how far down the rabbit hole goes).  That being said, we know we can turn this around. It starts with everyone reading this article committing to making a change. Stop eating the crap! Respect your body. The rewards for  doing so are priceless.

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