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Recently while in a rather intense season of reflection, I begin ruminating about some of my personal limits and it dawned on me that most of them are created and nurtured in my mind. The truth of the matter is that I am what I think and I can only do what I believe. In that moment the Holy Spirit begin to combat my limits with Philippians 4:13. It was refreshing to “hear again” the Holy Spirit remind me of the immeasurable authority that I walk in as a believer in Jesus Christ as well of the importance of my mind and my thoughts in influencing the next phase of my life.

You Have Great Potential, So Step Up

See reality is oft times under the authority of how we perceive it. As we approach each new season or situation, it is our personal interpretation of it that determines our behavioral response. We deal with the new situations from the present maturity level of our mindset. So when our minds are cluttered then our limits are many and authoritative. However when our minds are free of clutter and focus on the positives i.e. Philippians 4:8, then we live victoriously free from unnecessary limits.

God, in turn, only allows me to experience that which is consistent with his desire for us. We can seek him if we desire or we can remain spiritually aloof. Our aloofness of course affects our ability to respond accordingly and to see the positive lessons and messages in a season. So it is one’s intimacy with God that gives us the capacity to see the best in all things and to rise above the limits caused in our minds.

Trouble Don’t Last Always But… Stuff Happens

This year look honestly and openly at your limits and refuse to be controlled by them. Do the following:

1. Through reflection, identify what you consider your limits.

2. Write them down and answer the question, “Why is this a limit for me?”

3. Assess whether this limit is something you have created as a result of faulty thinking. Then through declaration, reject it as a personal limit.

4. Intensify your reading of the Word of God about faith and trust in God. This is vital to overcoming limits.

5. Begin to counteract the limit with behavior that suggests confidence in God. Your behavioral response will only work however when you mix it with discipline and accountability. In essence you must do the behavior everyday.

I am convinced that for many of you, the discovery will be that you have chosen to walk in this place of limits and the incubator of the limit is your mind. This is the year to do the incredible so begin winning in your mind. God is walking with you!!

Read Philippians 4:10-13