My Plan To Take My Life To “The Next Level”

Lately I have been feeling really stalled. The thought occurred to me that I need to “take it to the next level.” But what does that really mean? I hear people say it often, so I decided to examine how I could put it into words.

The closest I came was thinking about elementary school. Although I did attend high school and college, I never got the same rush from matriculating into the next grade as I did during my grammar school years. There was something really exciting about getting new school uniforms ( I went to Catholic school), new supplies, and new shoes. Even though I had technically advanced on the last day of school the previous spring, it never seemed quite real until I entered my new class on the first day of school. There was something about getting a new teacher, getting a different seat in a new classroom, and seeing new and old classmates in a different setting that actually made me feel as though I had changed – that I had matured – that I had arrived.

I am a fairly organized person. I’m not rigid by any means, but I have come to greatly appreciate the simplicity of a well ordered life – especially as Mykel’s wife, a mother to four very active children, a writer/editor for elev8 and as a student of the Word. The closest I have come this side of grammar school to experiencing that “next level” feeling is when I accomplish my goals.

But lately even moving forward in achieving my goals has been going slowly. I’m pretty sure that it is due to lack of accountability. I had been talking to the Lord about this very thing for a good minute, when my friend and fellow Elev8 blogger, George Thompson, told me about his Set-4-LIfe program. From George’s description it sounds like goal-setting on steroids with a bunch of over-achievers. I knew I wanted in. So George sent me the book, which I read immediately – and now I’m off to the races.

Today I review and set my goals in preparation for joining a group. I have decided that as an added form of accountability I will blog about it and share my experience with my black planet family. If I believed in luck, I’d ask you to wish me some. But instead I ask that as often as the Lord puts me on your heart, pray for me to be consistent and to remain motivated. The truth is I’m tired y’all! But I know I need this and being tired can’t be an excuse to langquish. So I’m off. Right now, I’m in the prep stages. But once that part is over, I’ll join a group and get it crackin’!

If you’re interested in learning more about Set-4-Life, read George’s blogs about it on elev8. And if you think you’re up to joining a group, contact him to see if there’s one in your time zone. Everything is done by phone – so don’t worry about having to travel. If on the other hand, you’re willing to experience Set-4-Life vicariously through me, that’ll work, too! I’ll keep you posted. Right now I’m off to see a piece of paper about some “plans.”

Be blessed Family!

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