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Platinum-Selling Recording Artist Jaci Velasquez celebrates this Father’s Day with the release of “Unforgettable” recorded with her father, vocalist David Velasquez. The single is now available on iTunes, and it marks the first time in 20 years that the father-daughter pair has recorded together. We had a chance to talk with the mega star about the choice of song and other things.

“Being in the studio with my dad again was comfortable and refreshing…like no time had passed” said Jaci. “And to be there recording such a classic father-daughter song as “Unforgettable”…well, that was just priceless!”

E8:What was the inspiration for  choosing  this song?

Jaci Velasquez: My dad approached me about wanting to record a duet and asked for song suggestions.   The choice was obvious to me – ‘Unforgettable’ is the ultimate  father/daughter song, and to me, my dad is unforgettable :)

E8:What is do you think of today’s gospel? Who is doing something amazing?

Jaci Velasquez: I am not an avid listener of Gospel music, but I have become familiar with William McDowell.  He demanded my attention with “I Give Myself Away” a few years back, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

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