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Smokie Norful  is a wonderfully talented committed family man.

However, despite the demands as an artist, writer, entrepreneur, businessman, and pastor, what he cherishes most is cultivating a loving relationship with his wife, spending time nurturing their two sons, Tré and Ashton, and empowering his daughter, Ashley.

Here is an Open Letter from Pastor Smokie Norful to his sons Tre & Ashton: My sons, most men spend time teaching there boys how to be a ‘man’, but my hope is that I teach you how to be a ‘man of God’.

The greatest asset I have acquired, my greatest Victories in life, my greatest joys, my greatest achievement has been directly related to the fact that I have learned to live as a ‘man of God’.

Put God first and all other things will be added.  

This has been and remains the key to the favor that has been on my life.

As the favor passes down into your generation, guard it in every way.  It’s precious because it comes from God himself.

Treasure your name, value your integrity, protect your character, and stay focused on what and ‘who’ matters most.

Lastly, If you have tough questions about girls, dating, sex, relationships, and the like, I give you the greatest fatherly answer ever known to man — Ask your Momma!

– Pastor Smokie Norful

Rev. Norful and his wife, Carla (former school teacher and social worker), own and operate four businesses in real estate, entertainment, and publishing.