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Last Fathers day I wrote a blog entitled: “Fatherless But Triumphant”!  Although I know that God is my Father there has been a void my entire life not knowing my biological father.  While writing the article I realized that no matter how many countries I traveled or awards I’ve received there was still some harboring questions that I had about my father.

My grandfather stepped in and raised me like his own and over the years I have been able to be mentored by some of the greatest Spiritual fathers, uncles and brothers but there has alway been a longing to know where I  come from.  Questions like:

Do We look alike?

What happened that caused him to not want to be in my life?

Did I inherit some of his ways ?

What is his family like?

Would things for me been different if he was around?

On the 4th of July 2012 at the age of 35 in the small city of Harvey, IL a long time friend of the family set it up for us to meet. I had prepared a huge speech to get everything I ever wanted to know out and just couldn’t.  All that kept going through my head is that we all strive to be like the Greatest man — Jesus! But we still come short so it’s not important what happened but that I take some of the attributes of the Greatest man (I know) to build a relationship with my biological father starting that very day!

Those attributes are: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, goodness, wise, loyal and so many others but the most important for me at the time was Contentment.

The attitude of accepting what God provides for us and being happy with it. It’s an attitude that does not seek what gratification and does not find happiness in the shallow things in life.

I’m grateful because although I can never get back the years without my father God has given me time to get to know him.  So I look forward to the 16th of June 2013 and more to come to make that call and say “Whats up old man” Happy Fathers day!

Just like my new song “Greatest Man” speaks to how Jesus is the Greatest man I know. It ls important that All men show/ reveal their relationship with Jesus by becoming Jesus on earth by displaying his attributes.

In closing, I encourage all men to man up and focus on the possibilities instead of the past mistakes.  Now, I am not a father but am still Created for this … Shamelss plug (ha) get the new CD … ‘It’ Will Blessha”

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