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Often, Minister Farrakhan’s messages to the youth are more directed towards their parents and the elders of the community because it is the Minister’s consistent position that God created this generation for a special purpose, and they are only products of what the previous generation failed to do.
“We dropped the ball,” said the Minister to the older people in the audience. “See the White man made us into himself, but you produced children that are a little different than you,” he added.
He said the clothing styles and the types of music change with every generation, and the defiant spirit of the youth is unique.
“Every generation has its own style,” said the Minister. “We don’t like it, that your pants are under your behind and your underwear are showing. That’s a prison style,” but the children should not be condemned nor judged.
“So you leave them out there wild and crazy, but they’ll soon come in the church and kill the preachers. That’s why I’m telling you, you can’t be an imam or minister and stand behind the pulpit and all the hell that is going out the streets and you are standing in church among the saved,” said the Minister. “Get your behind out in the streets where the problem is and sit down and talk to your people and witness to your people with the good word of God!”
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