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Some celebrities have dieted – or dieted and exercised – their way to sleek new silhouettes, and their dramatic weight loss has got people talking this summer. Magazine after magazine triumphs someone who looks absolutely fab from weight loss. It is so  bad sometimes that very few magazines ever go to print without at least one diet obsessed star on the cover. The great watch now is for Kim Kardashian. Everyone is rushing to see who she will sign up with after the birth of her baby girl. They will be sending hoards of people to watch her lose her baby weight,

Often we see the press push for the headline because of an event.

  • Actress Sara Rue dropped 50 pounds and four dress sizes by pounding the pavement and following the Jenny Craig program for eight months. She talked about her remarkable success to People magazine.
  • Some go on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Either way there have been some amazing stories. Gladys Knight, Kirtsie Allie and Marie Osmond used the show as a diet kick starter.
  • Former President Bill Clinton turned to a vegetarian diet for his daughter Chelsea’s wedding.
  • Christina Aguilera reportedly got her body in prime form thanks to the “color diet,” which only allows followers eat foods of one color every day. For example, Monday would be white foods-so you could only eat things like cauliflower and white beans.

The fashion world claims two sets of victims. The first are the women who it  want to be  models, for a brief window, before discarding them. They are on average 25 percent below a normal, healthy woman’s weight. We know how they achieve this, because many former models say so: they starve themselves. They live on water and lettuce for weeks. When they fall below a Body Mass Index of twelve, they start to consume their own muscles and tissues. Several models have dropped dead from starvation after success at fashion shows in the past few years.  After reading our sister site HelloBeautiful’s the storyBria Murphy: Models Eat Cotton Balls With Orange Juice To Stay’, I had to ask the above question.

It’s time we stopped living the lie that through the right amount of diet, exercise, and makeup products, we too can achieve the ideal six-foot sixty-pound model image. Only an extremely small percentage of women naturally achieve what the media presents to us as an acceptable physique. Female magazines make millions printing infinite numbers of ways to ‘improve yourself’ or create ‘the new you!’ I am by no means a cow, but I am sure not the entertainment industry’s ideal. I live well inside my healthy body. I walk over 4 miles  a day. I can out dance the best of them. It’s just this whole concept that you have to “diet”  into a size 4 is too much.

Aging is no longer a honored thing. It has become a monster to fear. One of my favorite tv  commercials  running tight now has an older woman exclaiming clearly, ” Stop bitching about getting old. If you’re not getting older you’re dead.” It makes a ton of sense when you think about it.

The only real “new you” that anyone gets  is  from within the shell. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying be unhealthy.  I am saying that wasting time on over-thinking the exterior  won’t make you happy. What makes you happy are the things in life that you achieve, share and create. The time with loved ones. Moments are fleeting.  Why spend time worrying about food, when you could be working on feeding the hungry. Need a workout? Take the kids in your neighborhood outside and teach them one of your favorite  childhood game.