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While Jackie was praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil in Greenland, New Hampshire, a car slowly pulled up in front of the clinic. The driver rolled down the window and said, “I don’t know what you’re doing here; but whatever it is, it’s working!” The driver went on to say the abortion center had let employees go because business was off.

All Jackie could say was, “Praise God for victories!”

The staff at yet another abortion center has shrunk by at least one. But this wasn’t a layoff. This was a clinic nurse who walked out and quit!

Angela of the 40 Days for Life team in Granite City, Illinois, said the abortion facility nurse came out and hugged her. “Thank you for praying for me,” she told Angela. “Your witness has been powerful to me. This is my last day! I’m going off to do what real nurses should be doing.” With that, she walked to her car and drove away.

This is the second abortion worker to quit during this 40 Days for Life campaign!

And yes, there are amazing stories to share about babies saved from abortion as well.

Thus far in this fall 40 Days for Life campaign, we’ve received reports of 38 mothers who changed their minds and chose life. And of course, those are just the ones we know of!

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