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Jada Pinkett Smith is asking some challenging thought provoking questions lately. She is known as being a thought leader in society. This week she is taking on relationships.

Here what she posted openly:

Family  I need  help dissolve a debate between a few girlfriends and me in regard to this question, “Is great sex the only need, or primary need, for a man to have a good relationship with his partner?” More than half of you voted NO, on the question of whether a man’s primary need for a good relationship was ONLY good sex. We all pretty much agreed that good sex is important, but that a strong relationship must entail more than great sex.

Is true love real?

I believe true love is very real. The question is, are we prepared to CREATE it? Most of us are conditioned to believe that true love HAPPENS to us…effortlessly. My experience has been that romantic love happens effortlessly. The meeting of the eyes that lights you afire inside can happen without our consent, which could be the ENTRY point to true love or to a grand love affair that prepares you for the true love waiting in the wings. Many of us have equated that intoxicating, romantic feeling to true love. But true love is not created only in the intoxicating romance. True love is mostly created in the troubles, storms, misunderstandings, and deceptions where love is no longer romantic but excruciating. Love is created in forgiveness and in the maturity of accepting the human nature of ourselves and our partner. If you can survive these stages through your fight and growth for love…then TRUE LOVE will reveal itself because it becomes the stuff that CREATES long lasting…true love.

Remember this… When we engage in the dance of love…we are all dancing blindly. We are ALL students of love, learning ON one another. Be patient with the inevitable pains our ignorance delivers.

What do you think? We want to hear back from you. Is Jada on the right path?