Basketball-Wives-Season-Shaunie O’Neal, Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada are explaining why Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed weren’t invited back for season 5 “Basketball Wives.”

Last season, the show came under fire for allegedly promoting violence and thuggery because of all the fights, altercations and general nastiness against certain members of the cast. However, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami were at the middle of the firestorm because many looked at them as the main mean-girl culprits on “Basketball Wives.”

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By the time the season 4 reunion rolled around, all of them had vowed to turn over a leaf because even they were astounded by what they saw themselves doing on TV. But the full weight of their actions didn’t hit them until a petition to stop Evelyn’s spin-off “Ev & Ocho” from airing hit the web. The action was later expanded to include “BBW” and the show lost some big advertisers.

“[It] was so difficult to deal with when it was airing and when it was all over with,” Shaunie told Upscale magazine. “By the time we did the [season four] reunion we all agreed enough is enough. We had a group talk and were all definitely on the same page. We heard the messages loud and clear. We knew we had to do better. It was an eye opener.”

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