Get ready to press RESET on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 with the new release from Stellar Award-winning gospel star, songwriter, producer and actor Isaac Carree.  Following Carree’s award-winning #1 debut solo album, Uncommon Me, his much-anticipated sophomore solo album, RESET, features fresh tracks and dynamic vocals from Carree as the acclaimed singer leads listeners through a powerful journey of inspiration, spiritual renewal and praising God’s powers of redemption and restoration.

Track By Track Review

01    Reset I ft. Neka Brown–  A modern take on your morning ritual.  It is a fresh reminder that we can start over. The song reminds you of the  early days of R&B with is smooth vocal arrangement.

02    Clean This House–  The song reminds us that our own spiritual laundry needs doing.

03    Paradise- This song is an in the pocket praise song for modern times. You can easily sing along. This song will be used for many wakes inthe next few months.  The song will be in the same category of Mary Mary’s ‘Yesterday’

04    Famous– This track reminds you of early anthem rock singers like Foreigner ead vocalist. It has a big build up that 1980’s music fans can recall.  You can already see this played over the opening scene of new movies.

05    But God ft. James Fortune  Blues gospel is what you will find on this track.

06    Preach  A nice groove that R.Kelly would be happy with. It has the Chi-town sound and you would definitely identify this with any R&B that is on the air now.

07    Reset II ft. Mike Jay “MJ” Jiminez  This quick interlude is a nice vocal break that leaves you wanting more.

08    So Glad ft. Kirk Franklin, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard, Lecrae  The dance track will be on everyone’s car. If you were looking for a car song, this is the one! It has a little hip-hop, and a big bass!

09    Knock Knock ft. TWyse This is  a funny rhyming track that will have young people who appreciate soca dance music. You can hear the reggae remix

10    Lifestyle A strong ballad that you can use for meditation.

11    Never Big guitars, catch track that makes you feel instantly better.

12    Right Now  This is your tv show anthem. It will be the song that makes the best of it.

13    Blessin’ In Your Lesson ft. Le’Andria Johnson

14    Reset III ft. Joe The last musical interlude call you to center on what you need.

15    Clean This House (Remix) ft. R. Kelly this is tecloser that everyone heard. Admit you heard “in the closet”

Engaging his multi-faceted talents as a singer, songwriter and producer, Isaac Carree’s RESET includes standout tracks from “Lifestyle,” “Right Now,” and “But God” featuring James Fortune, to Le’Andria Johnson, Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling on “Blessin’ in Your Lesson,” Kirk Franklin, Kierra Sheard and Lecrae on “So Glad,” and two Walmart exclusive tracks: “Let God Be God” with Teddy Campbell and Zacardi Cortez, and “David’s Dance” with Canton Jones.  Returning to the award-winning formula from his debut album, Uncommon Me, Carree enlists production assistance from Gerald Haddon and Eric Dawkins on RESET, but also explores new relationships with producers such as Ronnie “Lil’ Ronnie” Jackson and Carlton Whitfield.

The album is a must play  from track to track. There are no bad songs here. If you are looking for your summer pick this is Elev8’s Summer Pick 2013!

RESET will be available for pre-order on iTunes starting June 11, 2013.

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