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Finding you can be the toughest challenge any one person will have to face as an adult. Who am I and what really makes up the value of me as a person is an important question. The image in the mirror is very ugly sometimes. Do we forget what we actually see in the mirror and move on in this life based on what we think we are seeing.  How does what we see in the mirror eventually affect our life? I want you to consider the analogy of your life being built from the ground up like that of a house. Look at yourself as a house. You can structure your life and tailor who you are, but you have to be aware of your foundation and what you are made of.

With that said consider trying this exercise on your journey to building your life the house. For the next 7 days for an hour or two each day have a conversation with an elder family member about your family. Go back as far as you can with family members then pay attention to their history, then re-examine yourself based on that information and I am sure that you will be surprised to see exactly why you are the way you are. And based on that information you can now make the changes that you desire based on information and knowledge that speaks to the issues. You may want to consider a good book for those facts.

The next exercise I want you to consider is what I like to call dancing with yourself.  So many times we think we can only have fun, party or dance when there’s someone else around. It creates this mentality of co-dependence of not being able to stand on your own or have fun much less enjoy your life by yourself. So with that said I want you to begin scheduling several weekends each month that are just for you. Even if it’s hard to do so I want you to go to the movies by yourself, go out and have dinner by yourself and enjoy it! Don’t allow the lack of company bring down your moments in life. There are times that you will have people around but until then and in between those times be sure to continue to enjoy your life.

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