Do Your Last Day Cosby Dance

Back in the 80’s, when The Cosby Show ruled the airwaves and millions of people arranged their schedules to be home every Thursday night at 8pm; a back-to-school episode of Cosby aired one night and went completely over my thirteen-year old head.

In this episode, Cliff and Claire Huxtable broke out the champagne and danced around the house for their annual celebration of their kids’ return to the first day of school.  At thirteen, I could not understand for the life of me, “why were they so happy?”

Fast forward to today.  Years later, after almost 13 years of being a mom, it all makes perfect sense to me!  I can now imagine all kinds of reasons for their parental elation and celebration.

First of all, this mom and dad duo was probably thrilled to have the house back with the long distant echoes of silence returning if only for a few hours.  Second, it may have been a great relief to them as working parents not to have to coordinate summer care and camps for three solid months. Maybe, it was a joy to have the kids back in all day structured school that the children could actually walk to all by themselves. Or perhaps, the adulation stemmed from just not having to hear four to five children who may have spent the whole summer bemoaning one the most familiar anthems of pre-teen and teen life, “I’m bored!”

So, what does that have to do with me today?  It is the end of the school year after all, not the beginning, as you may rightfully point out.

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Well, today, I am experiencing the inverse of the Huxtable back-to-school party paradigm.

Some may not feel like it is the appropriate thing for a devoted mom to say, but I have to tell the truth.  I am at least as excited as my children are that we are finishing up this school year.

Why?  Because I am, like so many of the wonderful, committed, involved, loving, devoted, exhausted moms I know, more than ready for a break.  A break from what you ask?

And the list goes on.  It is all for a wonderful cause, but does require some considerable effort.

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Now by August/September, I will surely be excited and ready to cheer my boys on to another fun-filled, action-packed, learning experience housed in the form of their next grade level.  By then, I will once again be totally enthusiastic and ready to re-engage and help them to soar to new heights. And my husband and I may, indeed, be doing the Huxtable back-to-school dance at that time.

But for now, I am taking a moment to rejoice and reflect and simply say:

Yes, summer is on the way with all its own joys, challenges and triumphs.  But for now, I take a moment to simply honor and celebrate the year that has just gone by and is coming to a close!

And for those of you who have a little more time to go, I celebrate with you in advance.  Hold on, you’re almost there!

And when you get there, you can join in with me and all the other moms around the world in saying, “Woo-hoo!  We did it!  We survived and thrived in another school year!”

Now go ahead and do your dance!

Frances Cudjoe Waters is an Associate Pastor in the United Methodist Church, Founder and CTO (Chief Transformation Officer) of BTransformed Media Ministry and an Educational Consultant. She resides happily in Dallas, TX with her wonderful husband of 16 years and their three amazing sons.


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