The idea of changing something after 20 to 30 years is very hard and definitely not easy. In life sometimes the necessary challenge is change. The mind has a way of collecting so much information through experiences and knowledge that it’s almost impossible to take on anything else. This way anything new becomes almost impossible. Is there even room for more, new, or something fresh? Can I think again, live again, or love again becomes a constant question in one’s mind. My answer to these kinds of challenges is what I like to call Mental Detox. I could not imagine continuing my adult life without this discovery. There was no way in the world I was going to be able to face this new life operating in an old way. It would be like pouring new wine into an old wine sac. The old sac can’t hold the new brew. Having that old mentality and understanding would never help you get through what new day and things are ahead.

Please understand that I am not saying that anything is wrong with having an old mentality or an old way of life, it’s not that it is wrong or messed up, it just means that living behind something of the past will not allow you to gain things in your future. When your life goes through a major change brought on by you or something out of your control you have to be willing to change with it. Meaning if you for some reason you lost your job it would be wise to adjust your mind to think like someone that is unemployed and is hungry for another job rather than someone who has a 401k and a pension. We see this in relationship changes all the time when people who go through a break up being able to let go of hurt and certain pains. When I went through detox I had to let go of everything. I had to get honest with myself and let go of the past, and I had to ask myself, what would I do if I was 18 years old again?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself that question and a few others like it. Try this one, what would you do if you could re-live the season of your life when the sky was the limit?  When you didn’t know the ramifications of certain decisions? Suppose, right now at this very moment you could try anything and you could take some risks in life? What if you could live your life without limitations and according to your plans?  What would you do? Sometimes it’s good to go back to those moments. It opens some doors in your dream realm of life. It causes your mind and spirit to make you step out in some big areas of faith based on those things you dreamed about one time in your life. It will cause you to try some things that will move you way beyond your present state of being. Don’t allow fear of change to keep you insane but embrace each season of change in your life.

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