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I can’t begin to say “Thank You” enough. This past week in Atlanta, Georgia, we have experienced torrential rains and storms. The ground finally said enough. The water had no where to go. So it began to pool. It pooled in places where water would not normally be:

homes, schools, freeways and fields. Schools are under water; amusements parks are submerged; roadways are washed out – and major streets and highways have become flooded with water standing at least 6ft high.

So on this day. I am GRATEFUL! Things will happen that will remind you of what is really important in life. Something that makes you grateful for the good, bad and indifferent that is happening in your life. In spite of it all- it could be worse. And for me, this is one of those times to just say “Thank you.”

Have you thanked God today for life? For the ability to breathe? For the activity of your limbs? For the opportunity to walk down the street, or sit in your home? That freedom was taken away from so many within the past 24-hours, not only in Atlanta but throughout this world. Don’t miss your opportunity to be GRATEFUL! And always be Thankful!!!!

Remember: it can always be worse.

Have you told the Lord THANK YOU?!

Here is an appropriate worship song by Ricky Dillard and The New Generation to lead you into a time of Thanksgiving! It’s called “Our Father You Are Holy.”

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