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Jada Pinkett Smith took to her Facebook page to ask a really good question!

Who will love our daughters?

Who will love our daughters when abuse is the norm? Who will love our daughters from this generation of young men who are being raised by a form of music that promotes sexual and physical violence towards women as acceptable making the violation silent and invisible? And what of our daughters whose acceptance of these disturbing, hateful lyrics is because they simply didn’t notice them or they don’t matter ’cause the beat is so tight?

So…to my women, when will we stop singing the songs, buying the tickets and cheering in the stands? When will we make the connection that through our acceptance, our financial support we are reinforcing a mentality that makes it okay to gang rape a girl and proudly pass pictures around of the incident or even lead to committing brutal crimes like the one we are witnessing in Cleveland. When will we love ourselves, our daughters and our sons enough to say…NO MORE?


Jada has led the fight against sex trafficking and stands up for women’s rights. Watch h the below video:

No matter what the tabloids gossip about, she is using her name to better women.

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