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This is my first time missing “Mothers Day” with my mom. It’s so crazy how things have changed! I’m actually on the road! Living a dream that’s often surreal to phantom… And I couldn’t have done any of it without the support of my mom. My mom is into sales; she could sell you anything! (Laughs); I made a joke one time saying she could sell a rusted penny for a million bucks! (Laughs) … But she never takes “No.” For an answer. I remember pursuing “The X-Factor”; the line was tremendous, and it was freezing!… She stood with me the entire time… Then when “Sunday Best” auditions came, same thing! I wouldn’t be where God is taking me if it wasn’t for the support, and “Go-getter” mentality of Michelle Spight. My hat goes off to mothers all over; especially teen mothers. There’s a story in the bible in Genesis  around the thirty seventh chapter,  about Joseph and how he had a dream, and when he made the mistake of making his brothers aware, they threw him in a pit, then sold him into slavery.

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Later, when he went to Potiphar’s house, he was thrown it jail; but despite the assignment the enemy had for his life God turned it around for his good. Sometimes in life, we make mistakes, but God is still gracious! So although there are some young teen moms out there who made some mistakes, linked up with the wrong guy and things didn’t go how you planned, I salute you for not making a compilation of sin and choosing life for you and your child; going to school, going to work, and still raising that child. Thank you for refusing to kill your promise! What the enemy meant for bad, God turned it around for your good! Keep striving, keep the faith, you are more than conquerors because in your spiritual wrestling match, you came out with your hands lifted (smile). Many times, as young women, we need reassurance or encouragement when it comes to topics like this that we’re dealing with. Gratefully, this Monday launches the first session of a new organization God had privileged me to launch called “God Sisters”: an online forum for girls all over the world to tune in live with me to discuss topics like but not limited to peer pressure, bullying, self esteem, sex, drugs; etc. I’m so excited!!! Please register your sister, daughter, cousin, friend at unclegpromo.com. Happy Mother’s Day!

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