“What you believe if what you will eventually see. And at some point if all the men that show up are crazy, you gotta look in the mirror and go ‘Good morning crazy!’ ‘Cause that’s something you’re bringing to the party.”

Nash advises that women know what they want before seeking a partner and consider other things aside from their usual ideal.

“People are fallible. There’s only one perfect man and he died on the cross a long time ago. But you have to know what you want. What are your non negotiables? You don’t have to settle for anything else. You say you want a certain man and then when another one shows up, because he’s cute because he’s available because he breaks your back you’re like OK.”

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Once you get the man, though Niecy’s rules are pretty simple. As the saying goes Feed ‘em and, well, you know the other “f” word that applies. Nash says it works for her in her second marriage to Jay Tucker. The two have been married for two years. Her previous marriage, which produced her three children, ended in divorce after 13 years.

“Some women may take issue with this. We’re the comoplicated ones and men are simple. If you keep that man fed and drained, you’ll be OK. It’s a very fun book but it’s a lot of takeaway.”

Niecy Nash Says ‘It’s Hard to Fight Naked’ [INTERVIEW]  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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