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 That’s it. I quit. I’m moving on.- Sam Cooke

Those words hold power. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a job. It can be relationship, friendship or bad habit that needs to be eliminated. It can be anything that you decide is no longer beneficial to you. That’s the best part about quitting and moving on.

According to the dictionary:

quit  (kwt)bv. quit or quit·ted (kwtd), quit·ting, quits

1. To depart from; leave: “You and I are on the point of quitting the theater of our exploits” (Horatio Nelson).
2. To leave the company of: had to quit the gathering in order to be home by midnight.
3. To give up; relinquish: quit a job.
4. To abandon or put aside; forsake: advised them to quit their dissipated ways.
5. To cease or discontinue: asked them to quit talking; quit smoking.
6. Computer Science To exit (an application).

It sounds pretty final to me. How about you? Defining goals and setting realistic time-lines for kicking habits is the key to changing unwanted behaviors like smoking, overeating and caffeine addiction or being with emotionally damaging people.

Here is how you set your mind to “quit”:

1. Identify what it is that you wish to stop doing. People who acknowledge that they need to make a change in their life are more likely to achieve that change than those individuals who think that they may, or may not, have a problem
2. Create a real plan where a good behavior and or different set of people can be  started or  welcomed into your progress in a diary or calendar that outlines a realistic amount of time to eliminate the bad habit. If you are drinking 5 cups of coffee in the morning and have a goal of cutting down to one, give yourself a few weeks to achieve this.
3. Be determined that you will really stop the behavior. Let the people around you reward your success and cheer you on the next step. This can be accomplished by setting up a “success account” that continues to reward you as you continue to succeed.
Good luck!

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