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David Loveless, mega-pastor of Discovery Church, admitted his sin and has taken leave.

Loveless’ resignation was announced to the Orlando, Fla., mega-church over the weekend.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the immediate resignation of our lead pastor, David Loveless, following his acknowledgement of his participation in a wrongful relationship over multiple years with a woman not his wife,” church elders wrote in a statement.

“While David indicates that the relationship was ended approximately three years ago, we were only made aware of it when he informed us in recent days. David offered his resignation, and the elders prayerfully and unanimously accepted it.”

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Loveless has handed over his pastoral responsibilities to Don Cousins, director of ministry. In the statement, the elders noted that this is a difficult circumstance for any church, regardless of size, and serves as a poignant reminder of the frailty of man and the need to live in honest community and accountability with other believers.

David’s name has already been removed from the website. Wow….