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Earlier this weekend the first snapshot  from the feature  ‘Ebony Magazine’ interview with Tina Campbell  of Mary Mary was released. The emotions have ranged from full on support to absolute sympathy.

You can read that post  here: Mary Mary’s Tina Reveals She Wanted To Stab Her Husband For Cheating

It has been 48 hours of  posts, shares, Facebook comments and more. Here is just some of the things that you  are saying.

Some agree:

Joronica- Evans I would want to stab him too… EMOTIONS AREN’T A JOKE.
Camille Gibbs Richardson wanting to stab him makes her human im sure i would want to stab my husband too
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Prayerful Support
Stacie Ratliff I like Mary Mary. So glad this did not result in violence and they kept their family together especially with all the kids. Many families struggle with this issue. Hope there continues to be forgiveness and above all – peace!
Kel Ekenobi Don’t feel bad if people judge you they would probably do the same if faced with the same situation . God be with u as always
Silky Pearl Only a Godly woman could do it.
Kathy Drummond God Bless You Tina, I Pray everything works out”
Kellie Kells They are Human not Supernatural! She was hurt and emotional like most women or men would be. Duh! Alot of people feel rage when hurt and embarrassed by a mate. Not saying the reaction is right just stating that some people are saying Wow as if they live perfect lives with no sinful thoughts smh! Your flesh bleeds too just like Tina’s.
Loretta Wallace This women have to get her relationship back with God they both do and seek why he did what he did when u too busy for fame and put ur spouse on the back burner what do u expect for him to do?i love the music “practice what u sing,walk,talk,speak about because ur music speaks highly about God sorry that had to happy to Tina I know she will forgive and they just have deal eith on there terms God bless this union.
Some were humorous
Cam Mack  Sounds like a normal reaction to me! Lol!
Tsitsi -Stella Dangarembizi And she missed? Why?
Some just didn’t want to hear it at all!
Gevena Clay Wow! Do I as a reader of Ebony or a fan of their music need to know this?
Missed any of the  reality show? No worries we have got you covered.
Tina  we stand behind you no matter what! Season 3 is just around the corner! Click  here to watch video and interviews from  Season 1  and  Season 2. Get interview exclusives and more!
What do you think? Have you read the complete article yet?

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