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Jack Kale has decided that he can lead his congregation on his own.

The bond is so strong that the associate pastor of Worship at the Water, which meets Sunday mornings at Flounders Chowder and Ale House on Pensacola Beach, passed up a raise and declined an order from the bishop of the United Methodist Church Alabama West Florida Conference to lead one of the 15 largest churches in the conference.

He said that after talking with his wife a reassignment was not an option.

“I don’t ever want to move into a church-owned property I go by the biblical model … the early Hebrew people moved around and didn’t have a temple.

Jack Kale, 39, turned in his ordained minister credentials and split with the United Methodist Church, in which he was reared and served 18 years — the past four serving and growing the Gulf Breeze church’s Worship at the Water congregation from fewer than 100 faithful to about 500.

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