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I know we live in a perfect world and all…but do you know anyone who was born with a birth defect…maybe a 6th finger, webbed feet or hands, dwarfism, missing limbs?  I could go on.  If you don’t know of anyone personally, you HAVE heard that they exist right?  I have!  And now the whole world knows about Caster Semenya, the South African track runner and her birth defect.  She’s a hermaphrodite (new term “intersex”).  For the record, a hermaphrodite is a person who is born with both male and female sexual organs.  It is an act of nature and your parents have the option to raise you as either male or female.  Caster Semenya’s parents decided growing up female was best.  Anywho…Semenya’s life became an issue of public conversation early August when Semenya competed in the 800 meter race, annihilating her opponents by 2:45 minutes.  See the clip…

“She does not meet the requirements to compete as a woman.”  WOW!  Because of her physique and stamina, her gender came under question.  People began making commentary on the tenor of her voice, the chisel in her jawbone, her mustache, flat chest and the hair underneath her arms.  Now…I don’t know about you, but I know women who bare no birth defects that possess some of the same physical characteristics as Ms. Semenya and they would never be questioned.  Why her?  In the words of MJB, I think I smell a little “hateration” going on.  She won fair and square.  Get your game up if you wanna win.

Here’s the clincher, the Athletics South Africa (ASA) President, Leonard Chuene and the International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF) are now at odds over the matter.  Chuene even resigned from him post claiming that he denied Semenya’s testing to the public in an effort to protect her.  He didn’t think it was necessary to post an examination of Semenya’s genitals to the world when there was nothing confirmed from the matter.  He also stated that he didn’t think it necessary to withdraw her from the race even though the IAAF requested so until the results returned.  “I was not going to stop her talent because of rumors,” he said. “On what basis should I have withdrawn her? My only crime committed was to take a decision that she must run, and she won.” Chuene also accused the IAAF of violating her rights and privacy. “The IAAF publicly revealed her name. The IAAF betrayed her. The IAAF has a lot to answer for,” he said.  I agree about the betrayal…especially since it isn’t clear as to IF they informed her of what the testing was for.  What kind of garbage is that?  So you bring this “female” in for what she thinks is a routine examination and what you’re really doing is checking to see if she meets your standards.  Then when she doesn’t, she finds her business splattered all across the worlds news.  Whatever!  Can you tell…I’m a little annoyed.  No wonder she withdrew from the last race she enlisted.

I think for me it all boils down to the fact that her parents raised her as a girl.  That is who she knows herself to be.  She can’t help having a birth defect with both genitalia.  For whatever reason, her parents thought it best to rear her female.  And to be honest with you, they had an interesting decision at the end of the day – 72% of the pregnant teenagers have been raped in South Africa and 60% of those not pregnant and every 2 out of 5 South African boys are forced into having sex with adult women causing a life of reckless sexual behavior leading to the spread of AIDS.  Can’t win for losing as they say.  WOW!  Nonetheless…this young woman has now become the brunt of our jokes and copy machine discussion.  They even went as far to dress her in attire befitting a girl to PROVE to society that she can pull it together.  We are a mess…I’ll tell you.

And here’s the thing, if she were to undergo the surgery for gender assignment, there would then be an issue of the fact that she had a vagina constructed.  So where does she fit in?  She can’t compete with the men, she’s “too fast” for the women…what is she supposed to do, enter the Special Olympics?  What a crock!

I empathize with people who are different in our world.  You don’t have a chance in hell to win.  I guess we should be happy that the IAAF isn’t going to remove her medal from her…because after all, she didn’t cheat.  She was just born.  I believe this is discrimination at it’s worst and I am truly embarrassed for the decision makers.  Who gives YOU the right to determine the fate of this young woman’s hope for the future?

All I have to say is, be encouraged Caster Semenya.  I’m praying for you my sister.  Don’t stop dreaming and hoping.  God’s got your back.  You can STILL be the hope for your country.  I pray that Jesus would be a FENCE all around to shield you from the harsh words and scrutiny and that you would know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Marvelous are His works…(Psalm 139).  Press toward the mark of the high calling and do you Caster.  DO YOU!

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