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Ending a relationship is a hard thing to do. There could be feelings of guilt, fear of emotionally hurting your partner, fear that your partner may take it the wrong way, or it could be that feeling of wondering if you did everything possible to save the relationship.

  • Be honest — with yourself and your partner. You owe it to yourself to not play games and say how you feel. This ensures that no one misinterprets that the end is the end.
  • Be respectful — end it clearly and compassionately. It may be a very delicate thing. There is no need to be rude, mean or cruel.  This was someone that you were involved in. If they did something that you found to be disrespectful.  Call it out, but don’t lower yourself to their level. Do not make it  competition to get even.
  • Be clear. Don’t expect your partner to know what is going on. Explain the situation and your feelings fully. Make sure that  you spell out what your intention is. No one deserves to be left waiting around. Give complete closure. If you are  ending it, make it clear.

Every relationship is a learning experience. If one does not work out, use what you have learned in the next relationship. It’s also important to remember that every relationship is different–with various strengths and weaknesses.

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