Pastor David Franklin, the co-host for Let’s Pray! and the Assistant Pastor of the Berea Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church in Baltimore, Md., recently questioned his Hollywood executive brother Devon Franklin and wife  Meagan Good about what they would tell young men and women concerning love, relationships and walking with God.
Good’s husband spoke about society teaching men not to share their emotions, but had a different piece of advice for those listening.
“What I say to young men is don’t let anybody tell you what a man is supposed to look like if it’s not connected to God. When you look at the word of God, God lays out visions of manhood,” Franklin said on Let’s Pray recently. “When you look at Moses, David, Jesus … all of these men were men that would go to the ends of the earth to fight for what they believed in. Moral men, men of integrity, men of great compassion.”
While some men brag about their exploits with women, Franklin advised young men to take a different approach.

“Do not define yourself by your sexual prowess,” the preacher said on his brother’s show

Watch  the young couple here:

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