i forgive my husband of 27 years for having a 11-year-old daughter by another woman. God is good !

  I have to forgive my cousins, one has passed, the other is still living. They are brothers that used to molest me as a child and I truly want to b free!!! Thank you Father God for blessing us with a heart to help us learn the importance of forgiveness

 I forgive my wife for sleeping with my son thirteen years ago.

  I forgive my stepmother for the worst childhood a kid could possible face.

  I forgive my daughter’s fathers wife for hitting our daughter in court when we were there for child support.

 I forgive my dad for molesting me when I was 6/7 years old.  I’m forgiving him because still to this day I’m hurting, so I’m letting it go and giving it to God.

 I have forgiven my ex-wife for spending over twenty thousand dollars on my credit cards!!! I pray that she gets her life together! I have moved on and very much in love with my future wife! You always reap what u sow!!! Forgiveness goes a long way!!

 Okay, i will forgive my sister for not attending my son’s funeral and not saying she was sorry

  I forgive my ex-husband for whooping my ass on a daily basis. Punk!

 I forgive my grandfather for sexual abuse towards me when I was younger.

 I forgive my brother for raping when I was only 11-years-old.

 I forgive my father for still not knowing how to be a dad, after 37 yearrs.

 I forgave my cousin for betraying our trust when he murdered a drug dealer with my 17-year-old son with him at 9-years-old. He is serving life with no parole, it’s sad though.

 I forgive my father for not being there like a father should and for keeping me a secret from his side of the family for 21 years. After 21 years, I finally met my brother and family.

 I forgive my ex-husband for abandoning our family when we were married and ignoring his girls as they were growing up.

My sister slept with my other sister’s man and it destroyed the family. It has been 20 years and I still can’t forgive her. it is not what she did that makes it so hard but her arrogant ass attitude and more so the fact that she says she’s a minister and has never apologized. She’s a true hypocrite.

 I forgive my late aunt for killing my dog who was in his pen minding his own business and telling a lie on me that my mean grandma would never believe was true.

  I forgive my grandmother for being mad because I’m white. I can’t help it that my mother and father have jungle fever!!

  It took me 19 years to realize that I needed to forgive my son’s father for committing suicide in order to release myself and my blessings.

 I forgive my husband who had  been cheating on me for 30 years. Now he says he has found God and  he is so sorry .

I forgive my mom for the child abuse she put on me and my siblings .Please get the help you need to forgive yourself.

 I forgive that backstabbing, double-faced co-worker who smiles in my face and then reports everything we do to management.

 Though I was not born at the time, I forgive the man who used to beat my mother to the point of almost killing her. It took a very long time. So much hate in my heart, but it was not doing me any good. Besides, karma came around and he has paid for it. Forgiveness is truly a difficult thing to do.

 I forgive my dad who doesn’t accept my sexuality and family because of his belief in politics, and God!

  I forgive my ex-husband for not telling me he was HIV POSITIVE.

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