Tamar & Vince Reveal Their Secret [WATCH]

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert have an intimate secret to share. Watch what they told us.

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In case you haven’t heard, Tamar and Vince are having a baby!

If you’ve ever watched their reality show “Tamar and Vince,” you would know Vince has been wanting a baby for quite some time, but Tamar was a little reluctant on that idea given her music career, and fear of her body dramatically changing and the list goes on and on…


On one episode, Tamar and Vince were shown at the doctor’s office getting information on the possible idea of freezing her eggs, as they both were aware the clock has been ticking on how much longer they could hold off until conceiving … given the fact that Tamar is 35 years old and Vince is 43.

Tamar hasn’t revealed her due date, but did tell Good Morning America, ““I don’t have that many months to go,” she teased. “Almost there!””

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