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A 70-year-old man who lost eight teeth, suffered a cut on his upper lip that required 40 stitches and had his hearing aid crushed into the inner canal of his ear during a road rage attack last year astonished Baton Rouge state court officials Tuesday with an act of forgiveness.

Steve Bonfanti told the court he would set aside the $41,000 in restitution that District Judge Richard Anderson ordered from the mother of his two attackers for the education of her two young grandchildren.

Anderson, who said he had never witnessed such an extraordinary move in his court, sent Baton Rouge brothers Johnny Mutrie, 26, and Eric Mutrie, 19, to prison and put their mother, Rhonda Mutrie, 54, on probation for their roles in the violent beating of Bonfanti.

Johnny and Eric Mutrie pleaded guilty in July to one count each of principal to second-degree battery and principal to cruelty to the infirm. Rhonda Mutrie pleaded guilty to principal to cruelty to the infirm.

Before they were sentenced, the Mutries – all of 9187 Kingcrest Parkway – apologized to Bonfanti in court.

“If I could take it back, I would,” Johnny Mutrie said.

Eric Mutrie and his mother asked for forgiveness.

“I’ve had almost 365 days to think about it. I still feel bad about it,” he said.

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