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Snacks are the downfall of most people who trying to get healthy. They can be found everywhere in our vicinity. We fight the urge but often lose. Think about your desk at work.

Here are the cold hard facts on snacks.

Top Drawer Fixes: Twenty-three percent of us are ready when a craving hits – we keep a stash of goodies in our desk drawer at work. What you’ll find nestled between the paperclips and Post-its:

1. Candy/candy bars/gum

2. Chips

3. Chocolate

Favorite Food Fixes: Thirty-nine percent of us tear into a bag of chips. Twenty-five perfect dip into the cookie or candy jar. Just 19 percent bite into healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, low-fat yogurt, and cheese.

– Americans spent more than $32 billion on packaged snack foods last year

– Seventy-six percent of us are impulse eaters, grabbing whatever treats we can get our hands on when we get the urge to snack.

– The best way to stop stress? No contest: Seventy-two percent of us snack to cope with crazy (or just plain crazy-busy) days. Only 28 percent reported turning to exercise for relief. Women are slightly more likely than men to chew their way to calm.

– Just 30 percent of us check the calorie count of our snacks before we start crunching away.

What is up? You’re eating these good-for-you foods, just not enough at snack time:

Fruit: 49 percent eat regularly; 46 percent eat occasionally

Cheese & crackers: 33 percent eat regularly; 56 percent eat occasionally

Nuts: 30 percent eat regularly; 56 percent eat occasional

Learn How to Boost Your Metabolism All Day And Lose Weight

In order for us to lose weight properly we must snack better. Here are some healthy snack we can eat throughout the day that will keep us slim and trim…LOL.

5 Healthy Snacks You can munch on starting today!

1. sliced strawberries dipped in stevia and wonder cocoa (this is a great chocolate covered strawberry trick)

2. apples dipped in yogurt (low sugar)

3. any kind of berries (strawberries, blueberries and blackberries)

4. string cheese

5. deli turkey, swiss cheese, and turkey bacon ( turkey roll) great for snacking! 3 is the limit on this one guys

OK! Let’s get started…Also if your have any healthy snacks of your own you would like to share with the community, please leave them in the comment section. I really love to hear your suggestions.

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