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Wintertime is here! Finally! For some of you that mean graduations, winter break, vacations, ski trips, returning home, Christmas parties, New Years Events etc……

Enjoy yourself, but I also give a word of caution. Some people tend to get a little experimental. They feel like they need to be “bunned-up” for the holidays. A little free time on your hands, or a brand new environment with new guys/new gals, or that event that only comes ‘once a year’ like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, can lend itself to impulsive behavior. Have you ever noticed yourself acting ‘brand new’, trying to impress a new young man or new young lady, or even an old flame? Make sure you continue to make wise choices, even during the winter months. So what you are home alone, and its ‘cold’ outside? That doesn’t mean you should start sneaking your boyfriend into your parents’ house, or your new condo. Now that its winter break, you’ll have more time to talk on the phone, go to the mall, and do ‘whatever’. You should still remember to guard your heart, and not be on thephone ALL DAY LONG. Idleness is not good. (I can recall a rare summer break from college where I did NOTHING but SIN the whole summer, because I did not have an organized plan for my summer. It was one of the worse summers of my life. The same thing can happen during winter break. Trust me! When opportunity knocks….DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!) I know you’ll be meeting some very FINE young menat the mall or at your company Christmas events, but please try to remember that you are ‘saved’. Don’t get brand new, and forget that ‘you are worth the wait’. I know you are home from college, but that doesn’t mean you have to ‘show her you love her’, by having sex with her. Just like high school basketball is different from NCAA basketball, so are high school relationships different from college, which are different from the adult ‘game’. Whatever level you are playing on, don’t foul out. Stay in the game. Holy Spirit is your coach. He’ll tell you when to go left, ‘pick and roll-out’, and when to take a shot. (You like my analogy, don’t you?) Let’s be real team,people get a little lonely in the wintertime…..nights get colder, days get darker, and accountability lessens. But thank God, we know better! As an adult single, remember to exhibitintegrity whether you are in the Bahamas or the slopes of Colorado. Let’s be real. People go on vacation (from their church and their Christian friends) and act like Jesus went on vacation from being Lord of their life, as well. This is supposed to be a HOLY SEASON! Don’t let the enemy turn it into a scary moment of fatal attractions, bad past relationships, and carnality. In conclusion, no matter where you are or who is around this Christmas Season…..live like you REALLY DO LOVE GOD!

Dr. Lindsay Marsh is an anesthesiologist, author and sexual purity advocate. A 32 year of virgin, she is author of The Best Sex of My Life: a guide to purity. Her sexual purity outreach, Worth The Wait Revolution, Inc represent sexual purity with contemporary style and urban class. Learn more at www.iamworththewait.com

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