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Forget the white wedding dress try black!

In ancient Egypt, an integral part of the first civilization that recognized the idea of marriage in law. Other civilizations of the time soon had wedding laws in their cultures, since it was seen as a positive and stabilizing factor in society. The Roman Empire handed down to us the modern word “matrimony,” which means marriage.

Though many wedding traditions are specific to cultures, one component of the ceremonies generally remains universal: the beautiful, delicate dress of the bride.

Here are a few others:

  • Morocco: Bright yellow, because it scares away the evil eye; or green, because it is the color of plants and brings good luck.
  • Africa: Colors and patterns are worn that represent their villages.
  • Israel & Jews around the world wear white which represents spiritual purity and clarity; blue embodies mystical powers.
  • China: Red, the color of joy and luck.
  • Japan: White silk wedding kimono lined in red, which symbolizes happiness and a new beginning.
  • USA: Americans did not always believe white was traditional.

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