Faith is the key ingredient for our progress. It is our faith that assures us of our ability to handle our future without the things of the past.

Faith points us in the right direction. Faith is never about the past; it is always about the future. You do not need faith for the things that are already done; you can’t change the past. It is over.

Your joy is in your future. Deliverance, healing and salvation are in your future.

There are three steps you should take to start your journey.

Step one is to say goodbye to the past. Release whatever and whoever. Now you have made room for the new.

Step two is to move forward. Start new efforts and new habits. Meet new people. Read new books. Visit new cities. Eat at new restaurants.

Step three is to never stop believing in your future. Faith requires hope and hope requires always expecting something to happen. Get up every morning expecting.

Jesus said it is a waste of time to put new wine into an old wine skin. Stop wasting time.

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