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Do you need motivation to start? You are probably like I was or like most people. It is ALWAYS the start that stops us right? RIGHT! We have every excuse in the book why we can’t.

A perfect way to begin losing weight is the BUDDY SYSTEM. Find a friend and partner up. Having someone take the journey with you is always fun and exciting. You can both share in the joy of the process. You will have someone to workout with, share meal plans and most importantly share the success. So now you have a shopping partner! LOL. Ladies, you know we love to shop for new clothes.

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Just think about getting into that new dress or summer will roll around again and you want to be ready for that swimsuit. Set goals and stick to them. Here is a motivation trick, go by yourself a new outfit 1 size smaller and leave it hanging in the closet for you to see. After a month, try it on! That is what I did. I was able to fit my little nieces jeans (LOL). She is still mad to this day that she had to give them up! We all like nice fitting jeans. Having a goal to work towards is rewarding when you achieve it.

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Set your workout schedule and stick to it. Find a time that works for you. You must take time for yourself or else you won’t be any good for the family. When mom feels goods, all else is good.

You have to see yourself the size you want to be, find pictures of people you want your body to look like and visualize it. It is all about making the right choices. When you have a support system and a community of people to share it with, it makes it a lot easier.

Will you fall off? YES! Will you cheat? YES! Will you beat yourself up about it? YES! Do we all do it? YES YES YES! I fell off many times, but I still did it. We are not perfect and it is OK. Reward yourself with little treats but know your limits.

So, find a friend who wants to be healthy like you and BUDDY UP!

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