the history channel final episodeEpisode 9 : PASSION

Dawn on the day of Passover. Peter, fearful and disillusioned, denies that he knows Jesus and realizes Jesus’ terrible prediction has come true. Judas faces his own guilt and hangs himself. Pilate’s wife is also troubled – she dreams that her husband is about to execute an innocent man. But Pilate has little choice. Caiaphas leans on Pilate, warning him that Jesus’ execution is necessary to keep the peace. Neither can afford for the teeming Passover crowds to riot. Pilate sentences Jesus to a beating – he does not want this man’s life on his hands.

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At a public trial, he gives the crowd an option to free Jesus, or to free murderer Barrabas. But the crowd clamour for Jesus’ death and Pilate grants them their wish. Jesus, mocked and beaten, carries his cross through the crowds to Golgotha, the hill overlooking Jerusalem. Here he is nailed to the cross, watched by his tormented mother, and left to die a torturous death. When he breathes his last breath, the city quakes and the skies blacken. The days following Jesus’ death are dark, especially for Peter who feels he failed Jesus. But when Mary Magdalene goes to Jesus’ tomb, the world is yet again turned on its head. The stone is broken, the tomb empty. A figure walks towards her… He’s back.

Diogo Morgado, the actor who plays Jesus says:

This project changed my life and I am 100 percent sure… that it will change people’s lives… This is the highest point of Christianity… I’m profoundly grateful for this opportunity. When the pain starts to kick in, I was just weeping and crying… I just started crying and I took, like, 30 minutes before I stopped.”

He also admits the tears viewers will see in Christ’s crucifixion scene, which airs on Easter Sunday, were real–and the three-day shoot left him in agony. The actor was supported on the cross by a harness and small footrest, but it was terribly uncomfortable.

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