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The song’s lyrics triumph a way of life:

Why me Lord/ That’s what I kept on saying not too long ago/ It seems like I was living in the darkest hole

My sadness and my anger start to take control/ I had a lot of stuff weighing on me y’all

I shed a lot of tears that you didn’t see, no/ But I couldn’t let grief consume me

Cause I got a little girl depending on me/  It can’t rain forever

The sun’s got to shine again/ I remember that old saying

So I kept praying and you should do the same my friend

I stay prayed up, that gets me by/ That’s how I made it through my darkest times

Yeah I’m a sinner and that’s no lie/ Thank God my prayers are heard cause He knows I try

Yeah I stay prayed up, yes I stay prayed up/ See the only way I made it through my pain is through God’s favor

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