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Episode 7 : MISSION

Brutal Roman occupation has divided the Jews, but Jesus is drawing in crowds in rural Galilee with his miraculous powers, and his inspirational words. But some do not want it – Pharisees like Simon believe the Jews will survive only by staying close to God through the traditions of Moses. When Jesus continues to break the rules of Judaism, Simon takes his ire to the top – to the High Priest Caiaphas in Jerusalem. Caiaphas, however, has bigger concerns – brutal governor Pilate is killing the Jewish people.

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Crowds continue to flock to Jesus and, when he miraculously feeds them all, they call for him to be their King. Jesus retreats from their aggressive demand and the disciples are thrown in to confusion about their master and their mission. What kind of messiah is he? Whilst Peter is sure of Jesus’ divinity, he is less certain about his own faith – he plunges into stormy water when he tries to walk out to Jesus, as he walks on water. The faith of all the disciples is fully confirmed when Jesus shows that he has power even over life itself by bringing a dead man, Lazarus, back to life. They will all need the greatest reserves of strength and faith as they move ever closer toward the point of their mission, to Jerusalem, and into direct conflict with the religious and political authorities there. The most almighty storm is brewing.
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The reflection:

Jesus’ miracle over the laws of nature reaffirms his claim as the Son of God and his claim to divinity. Jesus confirms that he is Lord over all of creation.

The fourth watch of the night was between 3:00 and 6:00 A.M. The disciples have been battling the waves for nearly nine hours. They are exhausted.

Jesus responds to Peter with the statement “It is I,” or literally, “I am” (the Greek words are ego eimi). This recall’s the name God told to Moses in the burning bush. This is also another claim to divinity.

Peter was challenged to keep his eyes on God and not on the circumstances.

He was only in danger when he took his eyes off of God and looked at the waves.

Despite his lack of faith, God still rescued him.

Christ’s demonstration of power reaffirms his encouragement to “not be afraid.” He rules over all.

Below you will see the Last Supper and the betrayal

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