Consequences- Sasha Campbell

Leon Montgomery is a loving husband…maybe a little too loving. He’s not all that in the bedroom, so his wife, Trinette, gets her thrills outside. Up ‘til now, Leon’s always let her off the hook, but now Netta’s pregnant with her boss’ baby. That’s one step over the line! And boss-man isn’t about to leave his wife. So Netta heads back home to St. Louis to stay with her friend Nicole Truth. Truth is, Nikki’s not Ms. Faithful either, as her husband, Donovan, finds out when he returns from Iraq. Not the kind of thing a man with post-traumatic stress disorder needs to hear. And suddenly, Donovan is on the rampage, wreaking havoc with the lives of Nikki and their son. Together, Netta and Nikki try to mend their men and their marriages.

Review: Sasha Campbell has written characters  that you truly care about in a tone that you know. Each character is someone you know and become invested in. Download it on to your e-reader and begin now!

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