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While many celebrate labor day as the last summer weekend before autumn, I’m reminded of what labor day is really about; the celebration of the labor movement and its achievements.

Long before we had an opportunity to invite friends over for barbecue and take the day off, or sit back and relax in our pajamas all day, our forefathers worked twelve hour days seven days per week, until the late 1800’s. And for the black man it was far worse, so rather than thinking of this as just another day off, I see it as an opportunity to count my blessings; another notch on my blessing belt if you will; another opportunity to thank God.

While in these hard times I’m sure it’s easy to sit back and whine about our current circumstances i.e., not enough money to pay all the bills; not getting enough hours on the job; not being able to go out and eat as often as we did a year ago, and missing out on that much needed vacation this year, let’s focus on what is rather than what was.

Many of us still have jobs, homes that haven’t been foreclosed, cars that haven’t been repossessed and still a little left over for a pizza; but more importantly; many still have a roof over their head, still have four wheels to get them from point A to point B; the lights, water, and gas are still on and still didn’t go hungry the day before. sounds to me like the proverbial glass is half full, rather than half empty.

Perception often has a lot to do with the situation and circumstances we find ourselves in. As a sales representative I deal with this on a regular basis. At one point when the economy was at it’s lowest my peers and I were all on one accord about the poor condition of the economy; “nobody’s buying, companies are falling apart, their canceling their contracts with us.” Even our own company sucked and we had a dozen things to complain about; with that reasoning, for well over six months my numbers dropped to an all-time low. Suddenly, I realized my champagne taste could no longer be afforded with the beer money I was taking home. And sadly, because I’ve had a tendency to live like there is no tomorrow, my finances plummeted.

It dawned on me that throughout all of the aforementioned, I was contradicting one of the single most important proverbs I live by…”death and life is in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21) and while I still prayed during those extremely trying times, I was contradicting all that I professed to be true in my life. I’m sure this goes without being said, but I turned to what I know to be true and I encourage you to do the same. No matter what it looks like, what the media says or what happened yesterday, know that there is more working for you than against you. Pull yourself up, begin to confess and believe the best about yourself and others (1Cor 13:7 Amp); believe the goodness of God over your life but more importantly, all faith and no work is dead (James 2:26); whatever your hands find to do, do it.

Count your blessings. Appreciate God for what you do have today and things will look better tomorrow.

God bless!

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