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Just days after cancelling book signings, Michael Vick made a special appearance at a Stone Mountain church Saturday.

It’s been several years since Vick was convicted on dog fighting charges. He’s since worked to try to change things, and Saturday he brought his message back to the Atlanta area.

Vick received a warm reception at the victory for the world church, where he stopped by to encourage teens to make the right choices and avoid having to get second chances.

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“I’m glad to be back,” Vick told the congregation. “Every decision counts, it’s very important to think before you speak, think before you act and kind of depend on the people who really believe in you.”

Vick was invited by Team Freedom Outreach, a program that works with teens in youth detention centers.  The appearance comes days after Vick cancelled book signings in Atlanta and two other states. He’s been promoting his autobiography, “Finally Free.”

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