Statements from Participating Religious Leaders:

Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC

“After the Newtown shootings, the thought of adding my voice to a chorus of public remorse that would subside into apathy was more than I could bear. In that moment, I pledged to God that I would not only grieve; I would also act. The energy coalescing around the country convinces me that we are living in one of those rare, opportune moments when we, as a people, can act in concert to end the scourge of violence across our land.”

Very Rev. Gary Hall, Dean, Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

“Washington National Cathedral is proud to collaborate with so many faith leaders in calling our nation to act now to stem the epidemic of gun violence in America.  All of our faith traditions agree that innocent suffering requires the compassionate response of all faithful people. As we stand together in shared witness we can serve as a counterweight to violence and suffering on our streets, in our classrooms, and in our nation.”

Sister Carol Keehan, President and CEO, Catholic Health Association of the USA

“The faith community broadly agrees that simple, sensible steps can reduce gun violence and protect our communities. As a member of the Faiths United Against Gun Violence coalition, CHA supports efforts to promote dialogue on this issue and enact laws that safeguard both the public and responsible gun owners.”

Rev. Jim Wallis, President and CEO, Sojourners

“For too long, our political leaders have failed to act on enacting a common sense gun laws. Faith leaders must speak out and raise their voices on behalf of the grieving families who have lost loved ones in terrible tragedies like Newtown but also for those who live with the reality of gun violence in their streets every day. The lobbyists for gun manufacturers are powerful but their influence can be overcome if people of faith have the courage to ask the moral questions at stake in this debate and are willing to hold their political leaders accountable. Congress must pass common sense gun laws for the sake of all our communities and children.”

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