“God told me not to have a birthday party”.

“I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so that he can die like Ted Kennedy.”

Are you kidding me? I read in “Essence” Magazine that a popular African American preacher said this out loud. Since when is God the Almighty the slightest bit interested in something as remote as a birthday party or inflicting pain and suffering on someone on behalf of a Pastor.

True Only God Can Judge But You Can Decide

I practice my religion faithfully. I do not look down on any other religion. I do despise those who keep quoting that they are divinely inspired by what the Holy Spirit says. Your relationship with God should be just that. There is no shake and stir that will make everything better. As a Christian you should understand that Salvation is completely reliant in Christ and not anything else. It’s the road that gets you to the Lord.

In the last few years there have been all these wonderful writers, who have written New York Times Best sellers guaranteeing a better life “if”. It’s as if they all have a phone line direct to God. If half the people who read these books applied themselves to being a little more sacrificial and less aesthetic that would be step forward. Great music, charismatic preachers and walking biblical quotes are not the key to Heaven. It’s amazing that these preachers who quote what the bible says can profit in millions of dollars and wear flashy clothes. Sorry, but Jesus had a pair of sandals and a staff and constantly reminded people that the law was to be understood to be obeyed. It was not to be obeyed and then understood.

Why I’m Embarassed  To Be A Christian

Case in point we have a married ministerial couple where the husband has taken the new level of obey and follow to the point where he just commanded her away. The kicker was that he had a press conference to explain away his bizarre behavior. Now we have preachers uploading their sermons to You Tube. It would be a wonderful thing if people like that could be silenced and relegated to study their bible and pray. Period.

Creflo Dollar ORDERS Eddie Long’s Former Church Members To “GO BACK!”[VIDEO]

Even better please keep your “divine” ministrations to encouraging people to not look at you but look at God. Please stop telling people that God is talking  about your birthdays. It’s simple.

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