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Something deep inside sternly warns us to always obey our gurus. They’re the experts, advisors and heroes whom we believe have earned the right to be THE Authority on how to do what we are trying to do. Do it their way, we reason, or you’re sure to fail. But, in the words of the classic song… that ain’t necessarily so! THANKS, BUT NO THANKS * An “expert” warned Bill Gates to finish college or he’d never succeed. He ignored him-and created his own definition of success. * The “experts” told Oprah Winfrey she’d have to change her name if she expected to be a hit. She ignored them-and made hers a household name. * The “experts” advised Tyler Perry that few black folks would pay top dollar to see stage plays. He ignored them-and fills theaters from coast to coast. But shouldn’t wise achievers heed the counsel of those in the know? Sure. Always? Absolutely not. At times you too will need to hear the advice of the experts-and then politely ignore it. Nobody but nobody is qualified to give you all the right answers for your own God-given vision.

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