Mary Mary At The “Crossroads”

Erica and Tina face the crossroads. As Tina  returns from maternity Erica, faces the fact that  things have changed for the sisters. The show opens where we left off. Tina has been sick. She enters into the theater and fins her set has been changed. The ladies see a video from  and get charged. They deliver a fiery show. Small glitches start and there.  Erica and Tina talk about all the small mistakes.  Meanwhile, Goo Goo packs her house with a little doubt and decides to move to Atlanta. The ladies have a serious argument. The argument is so bad that Tina walkout and tells Mitch she will quit and go home. Erica arrives to the venue and finds that Tina so far has kept her word and has not shown up. Tina shows up for the show. They give a great performance. The cloud of the future still hangs over their head. Goo Goo realizes that she needs to be his wife. Tina and Erica have a “Come to Jesus moment.” The decide to take a break.

Tonight’s finale was a lesson  about growth. It hurts t grow. Sometimes you have to do things  you don’t want to do. Erica and Tina headlined their biggest  tour. Goo Goo decided to leave the only life that she knew and move to Atlanta. Change takes courage. Change in behavior is even harder. Tonight we saw communication gone awry.  Stress is never a great thing. It can make you make choices in a flash that are not always the best.  Goo Goo had to realize that she was worth a ring.

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