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An Indonesian woman drowned her nine-year-old son in the bath, claiming she was worried that his “small penis” would affect his prospects for the future, a police spokesman said Thursday.

The 38-year-old woman from the capital Jakarta told police her son had had a small penis prior to being circumcised, but that it appeared to shrink further after the operation, police spokesman Rikwanto, who goes by one name, told AFP.

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“She told police investigators that she killed him as he would have a bleak future with his small penis,” Rikwanto said.

“She drowned her son in a bathtub filled with water. She then dressed him and laid him on a bed. After that, she went to a nearby police office to report her crime.

According to the American Anthropological Association, more than 200 women kill their children in the United States each year. Three to five children a day are killed by their parents. Homicide is one of the leading causes of death of children under age four.

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If we are to lessen the infanticide figures, we have to stop romanticizing motherhood and give out the message that having babies simply isn’t right for everyone. And we have to start listening to women who do give birth and then admit that they cannot cope. We also have to accept that one child a week dies in Britain at its parents hands – and that the vast majority of preschool children who are murdered are killed by their mothers. The hand that rocks the cradle isn’t always fit to rule the world.

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