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From the devastating news of the loss of Etta James, to the heartbreaking passing of the legendary Whitney Houston last year claimed the lives of beloved figures in the entertainment community.

1. Al Freeman, Jr. died at the age of 78. He played Hon. Elijah Muhammad in Malcolm X.

2. Whitney Houston died in her hotel room in Beverly Hills. Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht said he does not fully concur with the final anatomical diagnoses on Houston, noting that the water in her tub at the Beverly Hilton was extremely hot at 93.5 degrees. He believes this indicates that Houston was not sitting in her tub, and somehow accidentally drowned.

3. Dick Anthony Williams (August 9, 1938-February 15, 2012) was an actor. Williams is known for his starring performances on Broadway in “The Poison Tree,” “What the Wine-Sellers Buy,” and “Black Picture Show.” He is also remembered for playing the character of Pretty Tony in “The Mack,” which starred Max Julien and Richard Pryor.

8. Erica Kennedy, a music writer turned novelist who came to wide attention in 2004 with the publication of her first novel, “Bling,” a satirical roman à clef about the world of hip-hop, was found dead at her home in Miami Beach. She was 42.

10. Michael Clarke Duncan, passed away in the hospital where he had been since a heart attack in July.

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