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Nash never let the Hollywood standard of what a leading lady should look like stand in her way, although she describes herself as “the most unlikely candidate for this life.” She light-heartedly recalled times when she felt sorry for those who doubted she would make it.

“I believed God was able and I lived my life with expectancy,” said Nash, who beat out more experienced sketch comedians for her breakthrough roll in Reno 911. “When I was so far down I could look up and see the bottom, I was just glad I was with Him instead of with them.”

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Today Nash serves as a mentor to young women, a luxury she did not have growing up. Her goal is to encourage those who feel called to careers in entertainment to never allow their spiritual vision to be discouraged by the negativity of people in this industry.

“You can speak life or death into your situation,” Nash shared with the audience filled with young, aspiring entertainers. “Say it until you see it, and you have to know your end goal. Even if you are not strong in your faith or in your walk with God, everyday just try to do right. Share your blessing and your gift because if you are in service to others there is immeasurable reciprocity.”

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“I am always inspired when I hear Niecy’s story of confidence in the midst of adversity,” said Roberts. “The quickest way to greatness is to live your life great, and Niecy demonstrates that faith in the visions that God has put inside of you is the first step on the journey to success.”

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