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Mary Mary  faces a new level of stress. Tina comes back to perform after a little time off. Erica is off to “How Sweet The Sound” with a second chance at starting solo. Her first solo performance was not her greatest in Atlanta. Erica decides that she is going to sing a Mary Mary song instead. She picks “Yesterday” to sing. Tina is must now face that there are more opportunities, money and accommodations. Tina decides that she wants to go to Hawaii with her husband. Erica hears the news from Mitchell.  Tina’s no to the money is disappoints Erica. Meanwhile, Goo Goo starts to look for apartments in Atlanta to be near Justin.

Erica goes on stage without Goo Goo’s helpful hand. Erica blows her performance out the water. The sisters  decide to call Goo Goo and her work into question. Goo makes it clear that she is going to Atlanta. Erica and Tina  start practicing. Laurianne cancels  om the girls because she is overbooked.  Goo Goo shows up with clothes. Goo Goo wants their blessing.  Tina figures out that she is not ready to go. Tina  starts to cry over leaving brand new Santana.

Erica and Tina leave for Jacksonville. Tina is sick. Erica decides  that she will go with Tina to the doctor. Mitch instructs the ladies, “Call me when you are ready to work.” Erica hangs up and stares at the phone. The doctor tells Tina  that she is going to rehearsal.  Tina  tries to get it together.

After reviewing the stage set up Tina completely melts down and loses it.

Erica and Tina took a moment to talk about sisterhood true meaning. Watch the video below:

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