It should be known that there are a set of controversial  dolls on the market now that make Christian parents cringe. The dolls dubbed “Monster High Girls”,are 10 inch or so fashion dolls  marketed to little children ages 6 to 12.

hese manufacturer-proclaimed “fashionista dolls” are supposedly the teenage daughters of famous monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula and Werewolf. They are dressed in tight, black, purple or aqua tummy-showing, gothic-looking outfits. They have doe eyes.

Some have pouty open lips with fangs and heavy makeup.The dolls sleep in crypts and coffins. Your little darling  can also write in her Monster Fearbook Journal, which comes with an old fashioned skull key . Inside the journal there is a ‘fiendish faculty ‘ page.

Mattel manufactures the “Monster High” and “Barbie” According to Mattel’s own corporate responsibility statement, its  “mission is to positively impact our people, our products and our planet.”  Do they mean they try to positively impact their employees? Because I don’t really see how this product positively impacts any little people.

What do you think?

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